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Quality Center Accelerator


Implementation planning involves assessment of the current testing processes and their mapping to Quality Center. Based on the assessment, the team develops a project plan for setup and configuration, user training and tasks for the engagement. Consideration is given to Quality Center integrations, customization requirements and workflow scripting. A portion of the test plan is identified for custom training and mentoring purposes.

Planning also assesses the current state of data, reporting requirements and desired workflow and sets the stage for the short-term and long-term implementation of Quality Center.


Setup involves installation or migration of Quality Center and its related components. First Contact will assist with configuration and installation of the software and related integrations.

Based on the planning assessment, some initial customization such as field layouts and workflows may be done to prepare the application for end-user training.


If significant enhancements or customizations are planned for Quality Center, they will be implemented ahead of (or parallel to) training and mentoring.

Examples of customizations needed before training include customizations for field setup and dependencies, approval management, layouts and data hiding by role. With those customizations in place, the basic training agenda and content can be adjusted to suit the specific implementation of Quality Center in the QA environment.

Examples of customizations that may be built after training include reports, advanced workflows and custom synchronizers.

Training And Mentoring

Onsite training covers the essential concepts and workflows for using Quality Center manage the testing process. Based on the planning sessions and customizations, course agendas may be adjusted.

During mentoring, First Contact will work with Quality Center administrators and users in order to make sure they are familiar with the operation of the solution and become self-sufficient.


Clients may choose to have First Contact implement a specific set of tests for the engagement, or have First Contact continue with mentoring and assist their staff as they begin using Quality Center. In the first approach, our consultants will lead the implementation of tests to provide a turn-key solution.

For clients who want more emphasis on mentoring, or without an imminent deadline, our consultant will provide mentoring advice and guidance during the test development process

Hand Off

A hand-off session will review the results of the implementation accelerator project, the progress made with Quality Center and action items for deployment. The team will review the Quality Center architecture and test plans and results created, test results and reporting, and discuss any remaining technique- or workflow-related topics.

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